Let’s start with the basics (whether you know this bit already or not!). Social Networking is all about creating and sharing content on media networks like FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to increase awareness and ultimately sales for your business – The more advocates you have on there the better your company profile becomes. What’s the bottom line? It’s all about interaction.

What does it involve?
Social networking involves posting ‘interesting stuff’ (videos, news, content, etc) in the hope that your ‘friends’ will ‘pass it on’, and in this way you can build interaction and engagement with potential customers. Brand awareness also gets a serious boost, which is always a very good thing. There are also some very good options for paid advertising that can reach a massive audience through social networking.

Getting Started
Like most things in life, it’s good to have a plan: And social networking is no different. But where do you start? It can be a little like wandering around in the desert looking for an oasis! At the end of the day it’s not all about having some social fun! You start by thinking about what you REALLY want to achieve. Who is your target audience and where are they the most active? What is the core message you want to send out to the masses? For example, in some instances, FB might be your best platform. On the other hand, if your selling point tends to be visual Pinterest and Instagram might be a good place to start. If you’re working primarily B2B Linkedin is probably a good bet.

What can Social Networking give your business?
A good social networking plan can increase traffic to your business website; it can build interaction with your customers and so build loyalty. Brand awareness is important for any business and social networking can not only increase brand awareness it can also provide a positive identity for that brand.

Monitor and Participate
Stop, look and listen to your audience. Once you have targeted your audience it is not enough to just throw some content ‘out there’. To be successful feedback is everything. Take notice of how and what they react to. Monitor those conversations and shares and in this way, you will discover a lot about your audience and how to reach them. Another important element of good social networking is to participate. Join in! Get those people sharing, retweeting and passing it on – 100% This is no time to sit back and watch…]]>